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August Bournonvilles Passage
1055 København

Mandag – Onsdag: 16.00-01.00
Torsdag: 16.00-02.00
Fredag og Lørdag: 14.00-03.00

Step into our night

A gateway to the extraordinary. 

A story waiting to unfold with whispered conversation.

A time machine oozing with history paired with phenomenal flavors, enchanting aromas, waiting for you to embark on an adventure.

A cultural hub with vibrant music, creating an electric ambience. Where the beats are as smooth as the cocktails served, and the atmosphere is drenched in an undeniable charm.

Step into Brønnum cocktailbar.

Your event

We host private events up to 140 persons, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Historic haven for unforgettable moments

In the heart of the historic Kgs. Nytorv, next to The Royal Theatre, Brønnum stands proudly with over 125 years of legacy. Our baroque facade, as old as the tales it holds, has witnessed Copenhagen’s musical and literary greatness, including luminaries like Dan Turell and H.C. Andersen.