The BRØNNUM COCKTAIL & SPIRIT SESSIONS are a collection of tastings, presentations & introductions to our world of cocktails & Booze.

Relaxed and informal,  we share our passion with you and your guests on topics of your choice. Designed to be a cozy afternoon, a break in a long day of events or the kick off to a fabulous night our sessions are great for both private parties and businesses alike.

 We currently cover the topics below but feel free to ask for others:

Cocktails; From humble beginnings to the Cocktail Craze of today, a Taste of history.

Cocktails; How to make it at home. Introductions to tools & booze including a handfull of recipes to take home

Gin, Bourbon & Rum. Either as a spirit tasting, or a cocktail session.

Champagne; presentation & tasting

Sessions are  around 1,5 hours for up to 18 persons.  We can usually adjust the level of complexity ( and Price )  of the sessions to fit your group.  

There will be a minimum price/number of guests for some events and we respectfully reserve the right to cancel a session in case of illness or force Majeure. In such case we will of course reimburse you fully  or find you another date as you prefer.  

Shoot us an Email on for more details or drop by and look for our current events.